17 November Protest against new lapdancing club

Yuan Yang and Dr Ramzi protest The Lodge first time around 2010

As the Cherwell student newspaper has detailed, The Lodge is opening as a lapdancing club on 17 November. Oxford Feminist Network is organising a protest outside on the opening night, to protest:

  • The institutionalised sexual commodification and exploitation of women (note these women will be 'self-employed' thus absolving the club of any obligations regarding employment rights, pensions, etc)
  • The sale for profit of women by men for men's pleasure (can you imagine it being ok for any other privileged group to sell and buy for their own pleasure the sexual services of an other less privileged group - e.g. white people selling Black or Asian people...)
  • The mainstreaming of porn culture

BYOP (Bring your own placard - we have sticks to attach them to!)

The demonstration is NOT against the women who work there and we will make that clear.

We'll hold a prep meeting on Monday 14th to get us ready to stand up to any harassment etc from the happy punters - email rtn.oxford@gmail.com for details.

For more on mainstreaming of porn culture and why so many feminists object to sexploitation culture, read OBJECT campaign's factsheets.

Photo by aMixedmedia on flickr.com