Get heard: Reclaim the Night this Friday 8 March!

Reclaim the Night stall with collective

Are you ready to Reclaim the Night? On Saturday we went to Cornmarket in Oxford to get the word out about the march and International Women's Day celebrations coming up on Friday, and the Listen Up! campaign. The lovely Lush people helped us set up a stall in front of the shop, Gina & Bethany from Sol Samba joined our own Kirsty to get the Saturday shoppers listening, and we collected responses from passers by to the question: "What makes you feel heard?" The answers we got were so varied - from 'trust' and 'attention', to 'a roof over my head', 'safety', 'people looking at me when I speak'.Then we struck some theatrical poses as Kirsty called out words associated with listening and being heard - trust, empathy, strength, assertiveness... We got a few laughs as well and I think we got people thinking!

Thanks Chris for these fab photos:

We also gave out some of our beautiful 'active listening' and 'safer spaces' cards - the active listening card has the Chinese character meaning 'to listen' on it and says: "I give to you, in undivided attention, my ears, eyes and heart"; the safer spaces card explains what safer spaces are, and quotes Article 6.1 of the International Covenant of Civil & Political Rights: "Everyone has the right to live freely & safely."

So... that's it until Friday! Women, come and be heard with us on International Women's Day when we Reclaim the Night together. Meet at 6.30 at the corner of Magdalen Road and Cowley Road. Men, join us at the Town Hall to celebrate International Women's Day with the Young Women's Music Project and Oxford International Women's Festival.

See you there!

Reclaim the Night stall writing
Reclaim the Night stall by James Atherton